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Whatsapp Spy Software & Sniffer tricks which can help someones to get spy all his/her data of his/her victim's id and also it helps to get gps location,call records,skype messages,wechat,facebook,line and many more.Whatsapp spy/hack software helps you to get all information and data of your victim's very easily in a minute.It is encoded by some advanced developers of Phonebeagle company who are specialised in making of advanced softwares. This whatsapp spy/hack software developed for those guys who are busy in their life and not able to keep eye on their kids and relatives. Whatsapp sniffing is totally new to everyone that's why we make it as easy as possible for a person to operate. Whatsapp spy or snffer software is available for all running android and blackberry devices. Now you can save your kids,affections and relatives on the dafe side by this whole new whatsapp spy software.
whatsapp spy software & sniffer
This software permits a concerned guardian to track the area of their youngster and to remotely direct their kid's utilization of a mobile/cell. Would you like to stop your child utilizing rough or sexual Apps or going by wrong Websites? Would you like to get App Alerts for Spyware and Malicious activities, for example, taking your own data or sending secret Text Messages that will cost you cash. Would you like to know whether your youngster is messaging while driving? Would you like to shield your tyke from predators or school spooks? This spy programming lets you know whether your kid is included in unsafe conduct or is being focused by hazardous people.
As everyday life our living style getting more progress with all new most recent advancements and social environment.Some individuals do utilize their most recent innovations to enhance their self and some do not.It is better than average to utilize some best in class social application & web where individuals do interface with diverse individuals in the entire world .But as all we know there are a few drawbacks too which can make somebody's life most noticeably awful then ever before and which basically happens by means of these most recent social headways .It respects meet new individuals however we truly don't know they are beneficial for us or not ,so  by looking every one of these things and criteria our propelled group of programming development has made a spy software which can help somebody's to see someones' facebook account,whatsapp id,skype,gps,messages,call records.


If its not too much trouble Take after every terms of condition of our software with the goal that you can undoubtedly run your diversions on this sniffing software of whatsapp

In above screenshot you can see that all the guideline which is appropriately demonstrated in our feature excercise. 

1:if you need to run  whatsapp spy software on your pc or mobile then you need to download our software from feature's download below or from our website from down beneath. 

whatsapp sniffer

2:Make beyond any doubt you introduced our product appropriately on your machine. 

3:Make beyond any doubt you have right bios to execute your diversion. 

4:Please clear all your temp file before installing this software on your computer . 

5:Before executing your spy software please verify  you have cleared all your temp documents so that your machine can run whatsapp sniffer software naturally. 

6:After running the software ,you need to put your victim's id so that it can excute through the sql injecting process and able to find a loop hole. 

7: Thats it ,you arrange your whatsapp spy software well ,Delight in the diversion!

hOw it works

Whatsapp spy software permits a concerned guardian to track the area of their kid and to administer their kid's utilization of a versatile/mobile phone. Would you like to stop your kid going to improper Sites? Would you like to know whether your kid is messaging while driving? Would you like to ensure your tyke from predators or school spooks? whatsapp spy software lets you know whether your tyke is included in hazardous conduct or is, no doubt focused by perilous people.
Whatsapp spy software has two parts, a Recorder that is introduced on your kid's Android or Blackberry telephone that records movement and area, and a Customer for remotely seeing your kid's telephone action and area. The Customer is accessible as a protected Web application and an Android telephone application.
whatsapp sniffer


  • OS: It supports all windows and mac and all androids and all ios
  • Processor: 1 CORE OR HIGH
  • CPU:64mb+
  • Hard Drive: 23 MB


  • Introduce THE Product TO YOUR Machine Accurately 
  • CHECK YOUR Base Particular Prerequisite 
  • Redesign your Dab NET Edge work to make it Agreeable to run
  •                                                                Run the whatsapp spy by giving an executive authorization..
Release date — OCTOBER 31, 2014

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Disclaimer ::: This site is for instructive and for excitement reason ,you can not spam through this product by spreading downloaded record to everyone.this site goes under general security and takes after every law to make this whatsapp spy software.please take after look every terms and condition


Here we guys giving free premium version of whatsapp for free in which you can install whatsapp on your mobile for free that means you don't need to care about its time validity .You don't need to pay or purchase whatsapp after expiring your whatsapp account.Please remember do not spread this software to all location .After downloading this premium software please do not forget to share our website on facebook ,G+ and twitter.Thanks for visiting to our site.

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* Greatest transfer size to 30 MB 
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